Parent Reps (Managers)

Thank you for your participation with Coulee Region United Soccer Association. The following information is to help those reps or “managers”, both those that are new to the role and those who are veterans.


You will play a very important role in your team’s success by serving as a liaison between the Board of Directors, your teams coach, the players, and parents on your team. The following information will provide you with the information for you to pass along to your team. At any time, please feel free to call us or email us at to ask questions. It is important that we keep open, the lines of communication.


1. You could use an Assistant or Partner


By sharing and/or dividing duties the job will be smaller and more fun as you will have back-up for each other. If you don’t know of anyone, let us know and we can help you. Whenever you have things to hand out, please include the player’s name at the top of each handout to make certain everyone gets one.


2. Preseason Meeting


Organize a team/parent meeting near the 1st or 2nd practice sessions.

At this meeting make sure to:

Introduce yourself, your assistant, the coaches and anyone else on the team (ie. Trainer).

Verify current contact information (phone numbers, emails, addresses, emergency information, etc…)

Make yourself easily available: home phone, work / cell phone, email (Important on game day)

Ask for volunteers for bringing refreshments (ie. water, sugar water, gatorade – please no oranges or citrus juices – click here for reasons and alternatives)

Ask for volunteers for field cleanup, team assistant duties, ice cubes and zip lock bags for icing injuries and, in hot weather, someone to bring towels for soaking with water for players to cool off or spray bottles of cold water.

Ask the coach to make a couple of introductory comments.


3. Extra Copies of Rosters


Make 5 extra copies of the team roster for your own use after you have added the player’s jersey number next to his/her name. Please send one copy to the Uniform Coordinator, for your age group. Place one copy in the medical kit, always bring one to a game/training sessions and the rest are spares for a telephone tree, etc.


4. Medical Kit


The coach should bring this to every practice and game. Remind him/her to keep track of inventory and let you know if he/she needs more supplies. In case of hot weather, it is recommended that.


5. Phone Tree-Club Voice Mail


Use the player roster to create a phone tree list. Ask you assistant to help with this.

Check with parents about their answering machine or service as to whether or not they check it regularly.

Ask if they prefer to be called at work or home and also remind them they can check the web site at

In the event that practices must be canceled or changed, please contact all parents/guardians and leave a message on voice mail. In addition, you should also activate your phone tree. If you get an answering machine or a voice mail continue calling down the phone tree until you talk with another person to make the tree effective.


6. Volunteer Hours


All parents are asked to meet an 8 hour volunteer commitment. To help your parents meet this commitment and to help the club, we will have you assist us in passing along opportunities for them to do this. Areas of opportunity include parking cars at tournaments, concessions, field prep, clean up after tournaments, registration and phone calls.


7. Uniforms


Uniforms will be distributed approximately one week before the first game. Contact the Uniform Coordinator if there are problems. You may want to use one of your extra rosters to keep track of jersey numbers and shorts sizes. Hand out uniforms at the practice just prior to the first game. Distribute washing instructions and remind parents to keep uniforms clean. Players purchase their own socks, but it is a good idea to have some extras on hand to sell. The uniforms MUST be collected at the last game of the season so ask players to bring a change of clothing and collect the uniforms. Please wash them before returning to the Uniform Coordinator.


8. Equipment


Inform all players that they must have their own soccer shoes, soccer socks, shin guards, a soccer ball and any medication they require with them in order to practice or play in a game (of course they must have their uniform to play in a game also). Players without required equipment (this includes inhalers or other required medications) WILL NOT PLAY! Please help the coaches round up and return the balls, bag, cones, sideline flags and medical kit at the end of the season. The coach will return the medical kit with his/her equipment.


9. Volunteer Items


Remind your parents that it is up to the coach’s discretion when the half-time refreshment is distributed to the players. Emphasize the importance of water for games and practice. Each player should bring his/her own water bottle. Please stress that players should never share water bottles!


10. Contact Information


Know your club contacts: President, Technical Director, Field Scheduler, Referee Coordinator and Executive Director.


11. League Information


Always have a list of team members and parents, and other managers in your division including their phone numbers and email addresses.


12. Field Maps and Locations


Directions and maps to fields can be found on our website. Go to our home page and click on the Maps to Fields link. If you cannot find the map there, then contact the manager from the team you are going to play.


13. Game Reports


Bring game sheets with rosters to the game. Any emailed score reporting should be directed to the league administrator.


14. Rescheduled Games


Follow league policy. If a reschedule is allowed, it is up to you and the other manager to agree on a make-up date. An email from both managers must be sent to the league administrator confirming the date, time, location, etc. It is up to the home team to secure field and referees for rescheduled games. Referees must also be notified by the home team when a game is cancelled.




Approaching storms with lighting signals an immediate retreat to a safe area. Do not retreat to standing under a tree. Please read the hyperlink below explaining the dangers of lightning and the steps to be taken to provide safety. Remember that lightning can strike from as far as ten (10) miles away. The general rule is 30 minutes after the last flash and/or rumble of thunder is somewhat of a safe indicator of safe distance. Please visit the National Lightning Safety Institute’s web site at for downloadable information.


Special Instructions for Tournament/ Summer League teams

Pictures & Birth Certificates


Each player will need to have a 1 ½” x 2” picture of themselves for their player card and a photocopy of their birth certificate. Please begin collection as soon as the team forms to avoid last minute problems. Players can not participate in tournaments/ summer league without a completed player card, player cards without photographs are considered invalid.


Extra White Shirt


Tournament/summer league players receive an extra white practice t-shirt. This is not included in the tournament fee. A small fee will be collected to off set the coast of the shirts. These shirts will be numbered to correspond to each player’s jersey. This shirt is theirs to keep, but they are responsible for bringing it to every game. It is important to emphasize that they keep it and bring it to every game, as the possibility of two teams with the same colored jerseys does arise and one team will be required to change. If you receive extra shirts, it is a good idea to carry these with you.


Registration at games


You may be asked to register your team at tournaments/summer league games. This would include being responsible for turning in the roster, showing player cards and medical release forms. Your assistant, the coach or another parent can help with this.


Travel Permits


In order to process this permit, 3 documents are needed: A completed application, roster and tournament sanctioning form (the host tournament can provide one of these). If you submit you application prior to 30 days before the start date of the tournament, the fee is $25.00. If you submit the application inside 30 days before the start date of the tournament, the fee is $50.00 and inside of 7 days the fee is $100. Plan ahead and save your team some money. If playing in a 3 v 3 tournament outside the State, a travel permit is necessary. The fee for a 3 v 3 tournament is $10.00.


Guest Roster Forms


These can be signed off by a club officer from which the guest player is registered to. If you wish for the State Office to sign off on a Guest Roster Form, you must send it through the mail along with $5.00. No faxes are accepted. The forms can be downloaded from our website.

The CRUSA club, parents, soccer enthusiasts and most of all the players, appreciate your extra time and effort. This is a volunteer organization whose success depends on people like you! Thank you for your help and we hope you have a very enjoyable season.