2018/2019 Olympic Developmental Programming (2007-2008) Registration is Open!

The Wisconsin ODP Developmental programming can span a player’s first two years in ODP. These are pool trainings and as such, there are no cuts within the Developmental age group.

Trainings are primarily geared toward improving a player’s skill set and are in addition to club soccer. 18 total sessions, 90 minutes each, will be offered: six Fall, six Winter, six Spring. Fall and Spring trainings are outdoors on Monday evenings; Winter trainings are indoors on Sundays. Trainings are held within WYSA districts: Milwaukee, Madison, East Central, and potentially outlying districts.

Any district may host Developmental training sessions but a district must have a minimum of 20 participants to host. You will choose your desired location when completing your registration. Each 6-week session is $135; however, if you register for all three sessions, the program cost is $360. Please visit the ODP Calendar for dates and location information.