2018 Training Schedules

You will get your team assignments at the Annual Meeting. If you cannot attend, your team Parent Rep will contact you.


March 31 Update – Some changes have been made to accommodate coaches’ requests.

Contact List for Coaches and Parent Reps

Attention Volunteers


We are looking for help for the CRC Tournament to be held May 19-21. Please email anthonykalman (at) gmail (dot) com for more information.

Lacrosse Soccer Definitive Player's Guides and Tips


Ultimate Soccer Striker Guide

Strikers are the usual stars of the game. The entire team places great trust on their forward players to deliver the winning shots whenever they are needed. Read our guide to have an idea on how to improve your soccer skills as a striker.


Ultimate Soccer Midfielder Guide

Soccer midfielders are the game controllers. They can make ultra fast-paced or defensively slow. Master midfielders have great all-around skills. They should be great defensive players and at the same time cunning strikers when presented the opportunity. Read our guide for more info.


Best Soccer Goalkeeper Guide

Being the goalkeeper means a lot of responsibility. Many games are decided on how best the goalkeeper can defend his position from agile strikers. We decided to create a guide that can help aspiring goalkeepers to improve every critical skill a great goalkeeper needs.

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